Location, Location, Location

When replacing a door, but keeping the existing frame, it is important to measure the door and hardware locations correctly to allow for a smooth transition from the existing door to the new door. Also, using the measurements of the hardware on the door, particularly the hinges, can help determine the manufacturer of the existing door.

In some cases, particularly wood doors, the door is tagged on the top of the door to indicate the door’s manufacturer. However, if the door is hollow metal or does not contain the tag, then you can measure the location of the hinges and strike to predict the manufacturer. This is possible because every manufacturer has standard hardware locations, meaning the location of the hardware on a door is located in the same place on each door from that particular manufacturer.

For example, if you have a 7’0” door and the hinge locations are 6 ¾” (top), 39 ¾” (middle), and 72 ¾” (bottom) from the top of the frame to the top of each hinge, these are Ceco’s standard hinge locations.  However, if you have a 6’10” door, as a result of the bottom of the door being cut off, the hinge location no longer applies to finding the manufacturer. Also, when deciding the manufacturer based on measurements, you need to be conscious of the lock locations. Some manufacturers have the same hinge placement but different lock locations.  For example, Pioneer’s hinge measurements are the same as Curries’ hinge locations, but their strike measurements differ:

Pioneer: 5”, 37 ¼”, 69 ½”, c/l of strike 46”

Curries:  5”, 37 ¼”, 69 ½”, c/l of strike 44”

Also, if you need to replace only one of the doors in a pair of doors, ensuring correct measurements of doors is important for determining manufacturers, as well as ensuring the door fits within the existing frame and door. In most cases, manufacturers will provide doors with any size hardware locations to match your current needs. But if you are only replacing one leaf of a pair of wood doors, knowing the manufacturer can ensure an easier transition. If the manufacturer is undetermined, then you may have to replace both leaves of the pair for a higher cost.

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