Maintaining Door Hardware: Common Problems

The below-listed door hardware issues w can be easily solved with routine maintenance and correct product use.


Does your pin tumbler lockset not fluidly lock and unlock? Is it completely seized?


Do not use any type of liquid agent, like WD40, to try to free the pins in the lockset. The liquid agent removes the grease from the lockset, but you actually want to keep grease the in the lockset to prevent the collection of moisture and dirt. Moisture in the lockset collects dirt which causes the pins inside the lock to jam. Instead, to lubricate the lockset, use powdered graphite or silicone powder or a special liquid designed for locks, like Houdini. The powder or quick drying liquid Houdini removes the dirt and dries the moisture from the pins.



Are your hinges giving your grief?  Does the door open and close loudly? Does it stick/jam when moving?


You may need to grease or lubricate the door’s hinges again. All hinges come greased, but every six to eight months, more grease should be added to replace the existing grease that has worn out. Try using LPS, Triflow or Houdini to get the hinges moving fluidly again. Don’t use WD40 or a degreasing agent on hinges because those agents will allow dirt to collect inside the mechanism. The dirt causes the noise and jamming.



Having issues with your pin tumbler locks (entry door locksets) freezing in the cold weather?


Don’t use a torch to heat the lock! This will melt the pins inside the lock causing the lock to seize. Instead, use de-icer. If you don’t have de-icer available, heat the key with a match and insert into the lock for a few seconds before turning.

For a long term maintenance solution to prevent the lockset from freezing during the colder months, try using a greasing agent like LPS, Triflow or Houdini in the latch area of the lockset. If greased properly, the dirt and moisture will be wicked out of the lockset mechanism preventing freezing.

Treating your locksets and hinges with care and doing routine maintenance will allow you to get more of a return on your investment on your door hardware.

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