Owner of the Fire Rated Label

The owner of a building has rights over the foundation of the building, the roof of the building, the doors and steps to the building – basically, all the structural aspects of the building. But, did you know the owner of the building does not have rights to the fire rated label attached to the doors of their building? Technically, the owner does not own the label independent from the door, even though they own the door.

Any fire rated label placed on a door is owned by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or Intertek, global independent testing agencies. Since the building owner does not have rights to the fire label, any time the door or frame is modified, due to a change in hardware or other changes, the label is voided until the entire opening can be re-certified. This is a policy is meant to ensure fire door safety. Who knew?!

*Other labeling authorities (3rd party testing agencies for fire labels) do exist, but are not noted in this post.

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