Wind Wreaks Havoc on Door Closers

Constant high winds or wind gusts wreak havoc on door closer arms and spindles when the door is caught by the wind. If a door in your facility is continuously used and may be affected by gusts of winds, you may want to consider a few of the following tips to protect your door equipment from damage.


  1. First, check for and adjust the backcheck on the closer. If there is not a backcheck on your closer, you may want to consider replacing the closer with a new closer that has a backcheck. A backcheck is important for slowing down the door as it opens to prevent it from slamming open.

Closer diagram

2) Installing overhead holders in combination with closers can also help the door from being ripped out of a person’s grasp while using the door. Overhead holders are a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment that can be added to a door after the closer is already installed. However, an overhead holder has to be correctly installed to prevent it from interfering with the closer’s movement.

3) Installing another piece of hardware, a floor stop, can also prevent damage to the door, frame, and/or closer. By placing a floor stop behind the door (if that area is not highly traveled and the stop is not a tripping hazarded), the door is limited to opening to 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees. This would prevent the door from over-extending the closer arm or pulling the hinges from the door or frame.

4) A wind block is another way to prevent wind gusts from damaging the door hardware. For instance, you could have materials like brick, glass or wood surround the two sides of the opening to deter the wind from directly hitting the door while in use.

5) Prevent the issue altogether. If you are in process of replacing an entire opening (door, frame and hardware), ensure the door opens opposite of the direction the wind most commonly gusts.

By taking a few of these preventative steps, you can prevent oil leaks from damaged closers and you will be preventing extra cost to repair and replace the opening’s hardware, frame or door.

Special thanks to Chris Roest, a LaForce Building Products Consultant, for providing these useful tips! More maintenance tips and tricks found here: LaForce Maintenance Corner.

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