Fun Door Facts – Part 2

The latching doorknob was not patented until 1878

The internal latching doorknob as we know it today was patented by Osbourn Dorsey in 1878. Prior to this, knobs were constructed of wood or strings used simply for pulling and the latches were mounted on the outside of doors.  A “Latch String” was the most common of these latches, which large bars mounted onto doors that could be slid into the door frame (Similar to standard surface mounted slide bolts, only bigger). Locking devices on doors were first used starting in 1896.

Door hinges have been found in ancient ruins dating from 2,000 BCE

In the ruins of Nippur, doorways have been found with grooves carved into the sills and lintels of doorways for large rods acting as double acting pivot hinges, which were then mounted to surfaces of large slab doors. However, even older sites have been found in Egypt and Mesopotamia which are thought to be even earlier precursors to the pivot hinge!

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