Stripping you of Energy – Week 1 of Conserving Energy

One way to conserve precious energy is to include long-lasting weather stripping on doors. Here are few tips for weather stripping:

1.)    Ensure your weather stripping does not prevent your door from freely opening and closing.

  • If the weather stripping is loose or detected from the frame, it may prevent the door from tightly latching, leaving gaps in the seal allowing energy to escape.

2.)    Inspect the weather stripping to ensure it is properly installed.

  • Look for open holes along the perimeter of the opening.  If you can see light around the door, the strip may need to be removed, reattached or replaced using proper installation techniques.

3.)    Verify with LaForce that the weather stripping on your door is the best product for your needs and door application.

  • Weather stripping comes in many different configurations and attachment styles, allowing you to select and install a weather strip that best fits your application.  If the wrong type is used in a specific application, energy can be lost through the gaps.

How much energy is lost through the gaps in your stripping?

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