LEEDing Door Hardware to Sustainability

Green…it’s not only a color, but it’s now a way of life in the construction industry. In fact, sustainability is affecting the smallest details in construction, to the point that every aspect of a building is more environmentally friendly, including the hinges, locks and door closers. Therefore, LaForce is doing its part in “LEEDing” the construction industry to a healthy environment.

All manufacturers have different standards of making their hardware green. LaForce’s trained experts work with vendors and contractors to ensure LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements are being met on “green” projects.

Think of a lock. In many cases, a lock is made of metal components such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc and brass. To make this lock green, there are several factors manufacturers can consider. First, a lock made out of recycled materials is more environmentally friendly than a lock built from raw/virgin materials because less energy is used to recycle metal than to produce materials from raw metals. The metal used during the recycled process can be found at extraction locations and/or sourcing locations, such as scrap yards.

Second, the transportation of the lock from the manufacturing plant to the building site can have an impact on the environment and therefore, its green qualifications. It can be more sustainable if a builder chooses hardware from a vendor located closer to the jobsite because less fuel is used for delivery of the hardware.

“Green” living and building is not going away.  To stay on the “LEEDing” edge, LaForce continues to educate its employees and communicate with vendors about the latest green hardware.

 Information Provided by Laura Waterman

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