Increasing Life – Door and Frame Maintenance Checks

To extend the life of you doors and frames, keep them in tip-top shape by performing routine maintenance checks and fixing any small issues that could lead to larger problems.

  •  Check the frame for proper alignment.  If the frame is twisting, you may need to adjust the door hardware to prevent pressure points on the frame.
  • Check the door for proper alignment within the frame.  A warping or twisting door could be a result of incorrectly installed hardware.
  • Ensure the frame anchors are solid in the opening.  If the frame is loose within the opening or if the anchors on the frame are not secure, the frame will start to twist causing the door not to fully latch.
  • Watch for rust and/or blistering metal or paint.  Make sure to have the door and frame sanded and repainted to prevent further rust and decomposition to the metal.
  • Check for voids around the frame and missing or deteriorating caulk.  If there are areas around the frame missing caulk or the caulk is damaged, replace the caulk to ensure a tight seal to prevent leaks.
  • Check all screws and fasteners in the frames and hardware to be sure they are present and tight.  Tighten or replace fasteners or screws to ensure a strong installation of the frame in the opening to prevent injury and/or larger problems to the opening’s structure.
  • Watch for unusual wear at the lock edge of door.  If the hardware, especially the lock, is wearing unevenly, the door or frame could twist or warp. A worn piece of hardware is less secure and could lead to injury.
  • Make sure lites and louvers are secure in the door.  It is dangerous and less secure to have loose lites in a door. Replace the louvers for lites if tightening the screws does not fully secure the glass.

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