AIA Continuing Education Classes through LaForce

Continuing education credits, gained through lectured classes, online classes or attending seminars, are necessary for many professionals to maintain their professional status. Often, we think of professionals like, teachers, nurses, daycare providers, insurance agents and doctors pursuing continuing education. However, continuing education is also necessary for architects, specifiers, designers, interior designers and detailers, particularly for members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to keep their AIA status. As a service to AIA members, LaForce Specification Writers present AIA accredited classes about the Division 8 & 10 industry that qualify for continuing education credits.

LaForce teaches three main courses and it’s not required that all attendees are AIA members. LaForce’s presentations provide attendees with basic education on doors and hardware and these presentations are not specific to a particular product line or manufacturer. Also, these classes can possibly qualify for credits for other organizations.

LaForce’s AIA classes, or Lunchtime Learning sessions (L&Ls), are taught at the professionals’ place of business over the lunch hour. In addition to the free lunch from LaForce, the professionals benefit because they don’t spend time traveling to classes.

Of course, the L&Ls offer something for LaForce, too. They give our Specification Writers the opportunity to meet professionals face to face and educate them about the expert knowledge LaForce offers, making LaForce’s L&L’s a win for everyone involved.

Information provided by Shawn Boerst.

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