CoNEXTions – DHIndustry Convention – LaForce’s Experience!

LaForce had a presence at the 2012 DHI Convention held in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Other industry management personnel, industry executives and sales representatives from manufacturers and distributors from across the country also gathered to participate in the Forum for the Future, the main topic of this year’s convention.

Mike Marks from Indian River Consulting Group, the keynote speaker, expressed the importance of distributors focusing on transitioning their companies from simply material suppliers to value-added resellers with a focus on the end-user.  Marks explained that distributors should identify additional growth opportunities available outside the traditional bid market, like product installation, aftermarket sales, door inspection programs, electronic access control sales and service. LaForce’s representatives at the convention were reassured by Mark’s thoughts, since LaForce is already implementing many of these practices.

Also, DHI introduced ChannelExChange at the convention, which is a formalized program of private meetings between exhibitors and attendees.  Further, DHI also announced that there will not be a DHI convention in 2013. However, they will have a more prominent presence with an Executive Summit at the International Security Conference and Exploration (ISC) show in April 2013, which is held annually in Las Vegas. The next DHI convention will be held in Dallas in 2014.

Re-cap from the convention provided by Mike LaTour.

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