The Latest from 2012 Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Conference (SE2)

On September 28, 2012, LaForce employees, Laura Waterman, Mitch Schneider, and Danny Van Groll, traveled to Milwaukee for the ninth annual SE2 conference by Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA).

The big news from this year’s conference was that WGBA is now a part of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) chapter.  The USGBC advocates sustainability through education, networking, policy and LEED.  LaForce’s conference attendees had the privilege of hearing Scot Horst, Senior Vice President of LEED, talk about the market transformation of LEED, which will start taking place in June of 2013.

Some of the major transformation changes will be within the Materials & Resources (MR) Credit.  A new credit called Material Disclosure and Optimization will replace credits that deal with recycled content, rapidly renewable materials and regional materials.  This newly created credit calls for disclosure on the environmental attributes and life-cycle impacts of a product.  We, as a supplier, will gain this information from our vendors in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Among the other activities at the conference, the LaForce representatives also attended a breakout session which described the tax incentive for a sustainable building.  Jake Peters, a tax manager from SVA, explained the qualifications to obtain tax returns. Based on the lecture, a LEED qualifying building built in 2006 or later can still be claimed by the owner for tax deductions. The tax incentive is available through December 31, 2013; however, it is predicted that the incentive could be extended to 2016.

Re-cap from the conference provided by Laura Waterman.

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